Horror-Loving Kids - and the Parents Who Encourage It

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Horror-Loving Kids - and the Parents Who Encourage It
I was mindlessly surfing the internet the other day and I came across a list of “parenting fails” on EbaumsWorld with this picture:

My first reaction was, “Hey! That was taken at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis!” Then once my brain put together all of the pieces I felt a pang in my stomach. Apparently horror-loving parents are a bad thing? Maybe I’m in the wrong business.

I posted the picture on Facebook and a friend said, “Consider the source.” Absolutely. Ebaums World is a site whose sole purpose is to make its readers laugh. But the picture spoke volumes to me.

The sad truth is that, despite the fact that horror has become fairly mainstream (The Walking Dead, anyone?), the general public seems to think that watching people getting eviscerated (on film) might contribute to us being bad role models. It’s very hard for a lot of people
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