10 Movies For 2014 We Secretly Think Will Be Terrible

The lights go down, the popcorn comes out, and every film gets a fair shake. If you.re a true movie lover, you hope that every film you see is worth it, and that if you.re dealing with filmmakers with certain track records, they just might surprise you. Every year has a couple of films that beat the odds and are, at worst, pleasant diversions, and at best crafty pop art mini-masterpieces. We.re going to go ahead and assume these 10 aren.t going to be the films that surprise us all that much. The writing seems to be on the wall as far as talent involved, quality of promotional material, and behind-the-scenes gossip. There is that window of hope, however, and until the movie is released the window remains open, granting us the possibility that our preconceived notions are wrong, that there.s a great movie hidden underneath
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