A Look At American Hustle’s Production Design And Costumes

American Hustle marks the third part in a three-film evolution for filmmaker David O. Russell. Beginning with The Fighter, continuing with Silver Linings Playbook, and playing out on a larger canvas than ever before in American Hustle, Russell centers on characters who are trying to change their lives through a process of reinvention.

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There’s nothing more that I love about a film, especially this type of period piece drama, than the aesthetics and the work of the crew behind the scenes. We are brought into the world of American Hustle through their artistic use of costumes and sets.

In recreating the 70′s, Russell relied on his longtime collaborator, production designer Judy Becker, to bring about the look he desired for the film. Becker was excited by the opportunity. Her research, combined with the screenplay, inspired her to build unique worlds for the characters that expresses who they are.
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