New ‘Labor Day’ TV Trailer Offers A Mature, Romantic Drama

Juno and Up In The Air director Jason Reitman’s fifth feature film Labor Day saw an extremely limited release on December 25th in order to qualify the film for 2013 awards consideration, and the publicity roll-out has begun in advance of the film’s wide release on January 31st.

Based on the novel by Joyce Maynard and adapted by Reitman, the film follows a depressed single mom (Kate Winslet) whose son (Gattlin Griffith) offers help to a wounded hitchhiker (Josh Brolin) who turns out to be an escaped convict. Winslet and Brolin’s characters seem to be emotionally damaged in similar ways, and the family begins to heal even as the authorities close in.

The film’s first two trailers effectively established the complex drama’s tone and conveyed an impressive amount of detail in a nuanced way (thanks in no small part to cinematographer Eric Steelberg’s gorgeous camerawork
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