Forget fall: From 'Community' to 'House of Cards,' midseason is the best season

In the not-very-distant past, you would hardly ever hear about a midseason TV show without the word "replacement" entering the conversation. The connotation was that the shows that came along at the season's midpoint were the leftovers, plugged in to play out the season when one of the first-stringers on the fall lineup went down.

That mentality persists to some degree among TV fans, but it shouldn't. Fall TV will always be a big deal, since that's when the officially measured season begins, but it's not the best part of the season anymore. The first quarter of this year will feature more buzzed-about, highly anticipated premieres than the fall or any other time of year, and it's not a new phenomenon.

The sheer volume of quality TV arriving in the next three months is staggering. Zap2it is looking forward to a good two dozen series and season premieres in
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