Niall Horan & Barbara Palvin: You Two Should Definitely Date

Ever since rumors emerged that Niall Horan has been dating Justin Bieber’s ex Barbara Palvin, passionate One Direction fans have been upset — because Niall once said that he would never date a model! Here’s why we think he should.

We at understand passionate fanbases, and we’ve definitely heard their voices — trust us. We know what a shipping war looks like. And Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin is certainly getting in deep by dating One Direction‘s Niall Horan after briefly dating Justin Bieber in Nov. 2012. However, Niall’s fans shouldn’t hold him to something he said years ago!

Niall Horan Dating Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin

When Niall said “I would never date a model because models are perfect and perfect is boring,” he was likely not 100 percent serious. Not only did he say that a couple of years ago — and a lot has happened since then!
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