Netflix's Ted Sarandos: the 'evil genius' behind a TV revolution

Allowing subscribers to binge on TV series has made Netflix into a global brand. But company boss Ted Sarandos isn't stopping there: by moving into making shows, he wants to change what we watch as well as how we watch it

Is Ted Sarandos a force for evil? It's a theory. Consider the evidence. Britain is already a country beset by various health-ruining, bank balance-depleting behaviours – binge-drinking, chain-smoking, overeating, watching football. Since January 2012 when Netflix launched its UK operation, Sarandos, its chief content officer, has created a new demographic of bingeing Britons –1.5 million subscribers who spend £5.99 a month to gorge on TV online.

To get a sense of what the 49-year-old Arizonan is doing to TV culture, imagine that you've just finished watching episode five of Joss Whedon's Firefly on your laptop, courtesy of Netflix. You've got places to go, people to meet. But up pops a little box
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