The Wolf of Wall Street, Controversial Films, and Oscar

By Terence Johnson

Managing Editor

What’s an awards season without a little controversy? I’m sure by now you all have heard the news that at an Academy screening of The Wolf of Wall Street didn’t go over particularly well. In fact as documented by Hope Holiday, a screenwriter even ran up to Martin Scorsese and said “Shame on you.” Certainly not the warmest reception for a film that’s aiming to be a big player this awards season. This kind of reaction is not new for Scorsese films, or for Oscar voters viewing films with controversial content.

In terms of Oscar, it helps to have some sort of galvanizing force to push you forward towards a nomination, be that controversy that rallies the fans of your film to vote or being generally liked by large amounts of people. However, when you look at the Academy voters, over 50 yrs old,
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