Steven Seagal could appear in The Expendables 3 or 4

Of all the names who have been attached to the Expendables franchise, there has been one particularly glaring omission thus far…Michael Dudikoff. Oh, and there’s also been Steven Seagal. He’s often been rumoured but things have never materialised. One belief was that Seagal had felt himself above the project, or that he isn’t keen on ensemble films, but thinking with a bit more logic and a bit more research it becomes fairly obvious this wouldn’t be the case. Seagal may be blessed with an ego that’s hard to match, but he’s also blessed with sense, and appearing in The Expendables will help his career and also mark a nice change of pace (and budget) from the cheap action films and TV he’s doing at the moment. He was also willing to appear in Machete.

With a scoop courtesy of Roth Cornet over at IGN,
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