'Bones' Season 9 to end with a cliffhanger: What could stop a Season 10?

Even on Fridays, "Bones" cannot be stopped. The show's producers are so confident in their series, in fact, that there are plans to end Season 9 with a cliffhanger that will roll into a Season 10 in the fall of 2014.

What could possibly stop "Bones" now?

Having moved to Fridays for the final episodes of its fall run, "Bones " managed to hang on to most of its Monday audience. The show has won the 8 p.m. slot for Fox on Fridays and thus looks to be a good bet for renewal. "We're going out on a pretty big cliffhanger," executive producer Stephen Nathan told TVLine in a recent interview. "It will change, at least temporarily, the landscape of the show. It really will be a very big shift in how Booth and Brennan will be dealing with crimes in the future."

Nathan also offered assurances that there are plans to switch the
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