2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: Billie Jean King joins U.S. delegation

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President Obama just gave the proverbial cold shoulder to Russia with one of his picks for the U.S. delegation to the Winter Olympics.

In the midst of the all the controversy surrounding Russia's anti-gay propaganda law, the president selected Billie Jean King to be part of the American delegation to Sochi, Russia, in February. 

Why is his choice such a statement? King is of course a sports legend -- who also happens to be openly gay.

"I am equally proud to stand with the members of the Lgbt community in support of all athletes who will be competing in Sochi and I hope these Olympic Games will indeed be a watershed moment for the universal acceptance of all people," King says in a statement.

Just as eye-opening is who won't be part of the U.S. delegation. Neither the president, Vice President Joe Biden nor any current Cabinet secretaries will attend the games.
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