Filmmaker Damien Leone Talks All Hallows' Eve and More

For those familiar with the grindhouse-inspired horror short “Terrifier”, the name Damien Leone might mean something to you - but the face you probably remember is that of Art the Clown. First introduced in another short called “The 9th Circle”, Art the Clown has developed into a remarkably simple but absolutely devilish character...

...who is one of the first new icons of fright from the internet age. Leone has springboarded his efforts into an anthology of sorts, combining his existing shorts with an all-new alien entry and a babysitter wraparound for the DVD, All Hallows' Eve, which is available for sale and rental now. Below, Leone talks about his road to success.

Dread Central: So, I know you’ve also got Frankenstein versus The Mummy coming out?

Damien Leone: Yes! Well, I’m leaving for New Mexico in a couple days, but it’s just a standalone Mummy film
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