Meme: Megyn Kelly Responds To “White Santa” Remarks With a Tight Script, Tim Cook Advocates For Enda, Why Are There No Gay Characters In Games?

Greg Louganis advocates quiet protests by Sochi athletes, first look at The Normal Heart, Jamie Dornan may go full frontal for Fifty Shades of Grey

Matthew Perry is set to redevelop The Odd Couple for CBS. He plans to play slob Oscar Madison, which I find confusing, because Perry seems like a perfect fit for the fussy Felix to me.

What’s it like to spend a month living in a Romanian sexcam studio? Honestly, it doesn’t sound like I thought it would sound.

This is the world’s most Nsfw ad for jeans.

All four Gop candidates for lieutenant governor in Texas say that creationism must be taught alongside evolution in schools. “It’s a fair discussion to expose students to both sides and let them make the decision with the advice and counsel of their parents.” Texas recently pleasantly surprised the universe by approving new science textbooks that did not include creationism.
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