People Should be Smart Enough to Listen to What We Say

Beginning at the four minute and 53 second mark in this excerpt from "At the Movies" with Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper, Ebert goes into the importance of the meat of a review and not the rating a critic gives it as Roeper basically equates Ebert's rating of Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds as to suggest someone should go see either The Honeymooners or The Longest Yard instead. To quote Ebert: "How many times do I have to explain to you, ratings are relative, not absolute... People should be smart enough to listen to what we say instead of looking at the dumb thumbs or the dumb stars, because there are gradations and context that go on." It has happened less and less with the RopeofSilicon readership where I will have to explain my distaste for grading movies and to more-or-less use them as guides and pay
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