'The Mentalist' - 'Green Thumb': Back where we started

Sunday's (Dec. 8) episode of "The Mentalist" took the show back to its crime-solving bread and butter, and it did something else as well: It reintroduced the mischievous side of Patrick Jane.

The conclusion to the Red John saga got about as dark as this show ever has -- understandable, given Jane's consuming drive to find and kill Red John. That naturally pushed aside any playful elements to the relationship between Jane and Lisbon or anyone else. But since two-plus years have now passed in the show's timeline -- and Jane is living in the most comfortable prison cell ever -- he's back to being at least a semblance of the guy he was for much of the series.

The episode, titled "Green Thumb," gives Jane his first case working with the FBI, and it feels almost like a pilot episode. Abbott and the rest of the FBI team get to
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