Iain Glen: 'Cycling is my addiction'

The actor, 52, on stage craft, what we can learn from children and why he loves being naked

Actors shouldn't necessarily be able to speak intelligently about what they do. That academic intellectualising of what you're up to is so alien to me. And, more than anything, I'm thick.

Simple tasks make man simple. That was Jung's philosophy, and I agree. Neuroses and psychoses come when we overanalyse. If you have to go and chop a tree down to get wood to build a fire to keep you warm, most human beings are happy doing that. I certainly am. Doing a simple activity makes you calm.

The happiest I've been was at the birth of my children, and I fluffed my lines on each occasion. At the birth of my second child I mistook the umbilical cord for a penis and called the wrong sex.

Children teach you how to love better.
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