Von Trapps Wanted Hathaway In 'Sound Of Music'

Von Trapps Wanted Hathaway In 'Sound Of Music'
It turns out the von Trapp family was not too keen on Carrie Underwood playing Maria in NBC's Thursday night performance of The Sound Of Music Live. In fact, they had an Oscar winner in mind for the role.

On Dec. 2, 2012, prior to Underwood's performance, Maria's granddaughter Francoise von Trapp shared her misgivings about the role going to the 30-year-old singer, writing on her blog: "Personally, I'd have put my money on Anne Hathaway, who in her upcoming role as Fantine in Les Miserable, proves that she can act and sing."

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Francoise certainly doesn't shy away from what she really thinks of the country crooner, continuing: "Carrie Underwood as Maria? Seriously? I mean, I have nothing against her personally - she's an extremely talented country singer, but I'm pretty sure my father is repeatedly rolling over in his grave. Since the movie version of Som won an
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