See How Robert Rodriguez' 'From Dusk Till Dawn' TV Series Will Connect to 'Pulp Fiction'

Austin already has tons of cool stuff that would make even the most jaded movie lover smile (e.g. the Alamo Drafthouse), but it’s just gotten a little cooler with the appearance of a brand new (fictional) fast-food joint. If you’re wondering how a fast-food franchise ties into movies, it’s not just another Mickey D’s or Popeye’s Chicken sprouting up to blight the landscape. No, Austin’s newest fast-food mecca is none other than a Big Kahuna Burger. If you’ve never had a Big Kahuna, word on the street is that the folks there make some tasty burgers. Unfortunately, you won’t be trying their delicious take on Hawaiian fast food anytime soon… Turns out the restaurant isn’t some inspired Austinite’s attempt to...

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