Wayne Static Shares Details About the Nasty Break-Up of Static-x, His Upcoming Tour & 2014 Album [Interview]

Static has had a rough year, but things are looking up for the spikey haired industrial metal icon as he prepares to hit the road under his ‘Wayne Static’ solo banner for a Christmas tour with supporting acts The Defiled and Madlife. Pighammer on October 4, 2011 In June of this year Static-x broke up for the second and, more than likely, final time. Front-man Wayne Static had relaunched the group the year before with new band members and had been paying former bandmate Tony Campos for the rights to use the Static-x name while on tour. All was going well until Static was forced to cut the tour short to undergo major hernia surgery. Unfortunately, Campos refused to give the singer a break due to some comments Static made (to the press) where he mentioned that he wasn't anything more than...
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