Evangeline Lilly speaks Elvish, hates 'best butt ever' magazine cover

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Learning your lines for a movie role is one thing, but when you have to learn a made up language in order to read those lines, things get a bit crazier. Evangeline Lilly stopped by "Conan" to talk about "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug," when the topic of speaking Elvish came up.

Lilly says she finds the language very sensual, but it might just be that way when coming out of her mouth. She throws out a couple phrases to host Conan O'Brien, but when he tries them out they don't sound nearly as sexy.

Lilly also talked about being labeled as having the "best butt ever" by Women's Health magazine. Evangeline says she didn't know they were going to do that on her cover and isn't super excited about it. "I didn't want T and A on my cover," she says. "It's a women's magazine, it's not Maxim.
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