'Sin City' and more TV series in the works at The Weinstein Company

The Weinstein Company is the latest big movie name to be making the shift to television.

A feature in The New York Times reveals that the Weinstein brothers are plotting a shift to scripted television in 2014. According to the newspaper, they're hard at work on more than six new scripted series.

Among the series currently being developed are a 10-episode ancient Egypt-set detective drama called "Book of the Dead"; a 10-episode series called "10 Commandments" where directors like Lee Daniels and Madonna could oversea an episode about one of the commandments given to Moses; a Netflix "martial arts-filled adventure series" called "Marco Polo"; a 14-episode retelling of "War and Peace" with BBC; a look at Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy's later years called "Stan and Ollie" with BBC; and an "Entourage"-style comedy.

But that's not all Weinstein is considering. The company is also looking to develop scripted shows based on its own movies.
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