The Secrets Behind Inside Llweyn Davis's Catchiest Song Revealed

This Friday will at long last see the release of the Coen Bros Inside Llewyn Davis, a bittersweet drama about the misadventures of a folk singer banging around Greenwich village circa 1961. The titular hero is a musician who takes himself pretty seriously, but the song that stole the most attention at Inside Llewyn Davis's Nyff debut was an odd little ditty called "Please Mr. Kennedy." HuffPo writer Mike Ryan was particularly enchanted by this (intentionally) off-the-mark protest anthem, and sat down with the film's cast and crew to ask them how it came to be. The entire oral history he's compiled is absolutely worth the read, but we'll break down the broad strokes for you here. First, it might help to watch the video clip of this song, which features performances from Isaac, Adam Driver, and Justin Timberlake as a trio thrown together for a quick record session. This
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