Doctor Who Profile: The Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor

Portrayed by: Paul McGann

Companion(s): Grace Holloway, plus many others in the audio dramas, comics, and novels

Tenure: 1 story, Doctor Who, also called “The Enemy Within” (May, 1996) and 1 minisode, “The Night of the Doctor” (Nov, 2013)

Signature look: The Eighth Doctor has two distinct looks, one for each of his stories. In his first, he wears a white shirt, gray cravat, embroidered waistcoat, and a dark green velvet frock coat. In his second, he wears a dirty, more relaxed white shirt, loose bandana or cloth tie, battered waistcoat, leather belt, dark grey or black frock coat, and high leather lace-up boots

Catchphrase: The Eighth Doctor isn’t around enough to develop a catchphrase, at least in his televised adventures

Personality: The Eighth Doctor is romantic and easy going, one of the most human of his incarnations and certainly an ardent admirer and appreciator of humanity. He
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