Forget big bands, The X Factor really needs a Riot Grrrl week

With its ratings dropping faster than you can say Strictly, we suggest some new themed weeks to breathe life into ITV's ailing talent show

Is it us, or do The X Factor's themes sound like they're straight off a Yates's pub jukebox? There's been 80s Night, where Frizz Ease was in abundance for songs by Chaka Khan and Gloria Estefan; Movie Music, including U2, Seal and Bryan Adams; and grandad's favourite, Big Band Week. The show is so out of touch that 17-year-old contestant Nicholas McDonald complained to Dermot live on air during week five that none of the genres had happened within his lifetime. X Factor, time to up your game! Get with the programme or your ratings will continue to droop like the sad features of a basset hound. Here's our wishlist of themes from the 90s and beyond that should help put a livener in Louis's Horlicks.
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