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Only God Forgives

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"Drive was going to feel like really, really good cocaine and Only God Forgives will then be very strong acid," says director Nicolas Winding Refn on the commentary to his latest team-up with Ryan Gosling. While Drive had a solid B-movie plotline to adhere to, Only God Forgives is an untethered beast, with stronger connections to Refn's earlier, obtuse, expressionistic films such as Valhalla Rising.

With Gosling as a drug-dealing, Muay Thai-kickboxing gym owner looking to avenge his brother's death, it certainly starts off conventionally. But it soon becomes apparent, with its unfixed relationship with reality and generally hallucinogenic mood (the acid analogy is dead on) that Refn and Gosling have no interest in going down a well-worn path. It's one
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