Contracted: Exclusive Interview with Director Eric England

In Contracted a 20-something girl gets what she thinks is an Std after a night of reckless partying… turns out, it’s far worse than anything she could ever have imagined. Writer-director Eric England puts a strange, sexual new twist on the zombie genre, and he’s here to explain how and why!

Dread Central: Ok, so let’s face it… Contracted (review here) isn’t for everybody. How’s reaction to the film been so far?

Eric England: Really positive actually. I am really happy with how they…. I don’t wanna say I am shocked, but I don’t think you go in thinking they are going to love it. It’s been really good.

DC: I would have to say I was shocked, I will use the word, because it's not the kind of movie that is just another viral zombie thing… you really put a unique slant on it.
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