Delusions of Grandeur: You're a Film Critic, Not Mother Teresa

Martin Deer on 'critics', 'bloggers' and the state of the film community...

This year, 2013, has been the year of some wonderful outbursts within the film community. It was the year everyone turned on Superman for being an apathetic city destroyer; the year giant monsters vs aliens caused people to freak out over whether you were stupid for liking it or not; and the year one of the greatest cinematic experiences in decades, a technical marvel, was met with "oh, but it's so vapid".

For me personally, 2013 has been a strange year. It was the first full year of me writing for this site, with my first article published back in April 2012, and so I expected that this would be a great year for my writing, and to an extent it has been; I've written far more for Flickering Myth this year than last, I've written for other sites and started my own podcast.
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