Capsule Movie Reviews (Nov. 26): 'Homefront' and two more

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R, 1 Hr., 40 Mins.

Jason Statham fans are a pretty forgiving bunch. After all, the chromedomed Cockney killing machine doesn’t usually share the screen with costars who can do more than grunt. But in his latest knuckle-scraping revenge fantasy (scripted by Sylvester Stallone!), he goes head-to-head with James Franco and Winona Ryder as a bonkers, meth-dealing Bonnie and Clyde. An action flick that knows exactly what it wants to be and delivers the goods. B- —Chris Nashawaty

New Release

Bettie Page Reveals All

R, 1 Hr., 41 Mins.

There have been several good documentaries about Bettie Page, the ’50s
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