‘Uptown Saturday Night’ Gets A Rewrite Starring Will Smith and Denzel Washington

According to Variety, in an effort to fast-track its remake of the 1970s Bill Cosby-Sydney Poitier comedy “Uptown Saturday Night,” Warner Bros. has hired “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” helmer Nicholas Stoller to do a rewrite on the script.

Will Smith and Denzel Washington will star and Adam McKay is on board to direct for Warner Bros. Pictures. McKay wants this to be his next film.

The original came out in 1974 and starred Sydney Poitier and Bill Cosby as two guys who sneak out of their house one night to visit an illegal nightclub. While there their wallets get stolen, one of which contains a winning lottery ticket. Poitier directed it and the two went on to team up in a few more films, all directed by Poitier.

Timothy Dowling wrote the most recent draft.

Sources tell Variety that Stoller plans to a deliver a draft in the next month,
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