10 Teenage Superheroes we’d Like to see on the Big and Small Screen

  • HeyUGuys
With box office analysts predicting that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be one of the most financially successful releases of 2013 which you can check out our verdict of by clicking here), it’s clear that big screen adaptations of Young Adult novels might just be the next big thing in Hollywood.

Twilight has of course already showed that the appeal is there, so the question now is how can the current big thing – comic book movies – take advantage of this popular new trend? Well, there are a lot of teenage superheroes out there, many of whom are extremely deserving of their own television series or movie.

Oh, and don’t panic, because there’s no need to “Twilight-ify” any of these. Instead, they could just be a new wave of releases which appeal both to current fans and the millions of teenagers who love the likes of The Hunger Games.
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