Roundtable Interview With Idina Menzel On Frozen

Emotionally capturing both the poise and vulnerability of a seemingly privileged, majestic princess whose every desire is within her reach can be a difficult challenge for an actor. But Idina Menzel, who began publicly singing as a teenager in part to prove to herself that she could rise above those who targeted her for her talents, brought a strength and openness to her role as a Disney princess in the new animated comedy, Frozen.

Frozen follows sisters Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel), two princesses of Arendelle who are very close to one another. Elsa’s inability to handle her secret power of being able to create snow and ice delights her younger sister. But when the magic gets out of control one day and injures Anna, Elsa’s fear that she’ll do more harm to her younger sister forces her to hide her secret and distance herself from their relationship.
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