Chris Pratt On ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ And The Mighty Star-Lord

Guardians Of The Galaxy looks really weird. It does, after all, feature a talking tree and a gun-loving anthropomorphic raccoon. Weird yes, but undoubtedly Awesome. The film, which is likely going to be Marvel’s least conventional superhero movie yet, tells the story of a team of alien outcasts that defend, not the earth, but the entire galaxy from potentially apocalyptic threats.

In the past months we have been finding out more about Guardians, which had been largely mysterious since its announcement. We even got an intentionally confusing teaser for it during the credits of Thor: The Dark World, which revealed that an odd-looking Benicio Del Toro is gathering together a collection of alien artefacts for some unknown and ominous purpose. Now, Chris Pratt, who portrays the Guardians’ human leader Star-Lord, has discussed with Fandango why the film and the character appealed to him:

“Just the fact that he was
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