Godzilla Reboot Going Retro: Some Scenes to Take Place in 1954

  • Cinelinx
The cinematographer for the upcoming Godzilla reboot says that part of the film is going to be set in 1954, which is the year that Godzilla first appeared on screen.

Gojira, Aka Godzilla: King of the Monsters, first came out in 1954. It seems that Gareth Edward’s new interpretation will also have scenes set in that same year. Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey gave an interview in the new tie-in book “Godzilla with Light & Sound”, and in his discussion about making the film, he spilled the beans about a section of the film taking place in 1954.

McGarvey says, “On ‘Godzilla’ I used the old C series anamorphic lenses, and for the section in 1954 I used really old vintage lenses from the early 1960s. They took the edge off of the very vivid, sharp sensors, and gave it a distant period feel.”

Will these 1954 scenes connect the new Godzilla film to the original somehow?
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