Golden Globes Comedy Race Is a Two-Way ‘Street’

Golden Globes Comedy Race Is a Two-Way ‘Street’
Golden Globes ballots will be mailed Nov. 27 with film entries broken down as usual between dramas and comedies.

The organization is more confident than I am. For several films in this year’s race, it’s hard to see where to draw the line. I was deeply moved by “Nebraska” and “Before Midnight,” but they Are comedies. “Enough Said,” “Her” and “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” are also comedies, but more heartfelt and touching than many dramas.

Several studios submitted films as comedies to the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. on the supposition that the race is less competitive than the jam-packed drama race. So you can’t blame the strategists for trying, but the HFPA makes the final decision, with nominations to be announced Dec. 12.

Paramount’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” (pictured above) is apparently a comedy. (No one can dispute that, because no one’s seen it.
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