Kim Kardashian Reaches a New Low, Another Hills Star is headed for Wedded Bliss, Who is Harry Styles Dating and More!

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Kim Kardashian has been bringing attention to (herself and) the Philippines typhoon after it has claimed thousands of lives and left many more without access to food, water and basic medical care. Kardashian has launched an eBay sale of her clothes and accessories to raise money for typhoon victims, however an eBay post has stated that the multi-millionaire is donating only 10% of the profits raised by the auction. Clearly she needs the money.


…For her plastic surgery. While the reality person claims to have lost her significant amount of weight through the Atkins diet and exercise alone, it has been reported that she has actually spent over $80,000 on plastic surgery. Kim obviously denies these rumors but we wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised. And we know that $80,000 of stretch-mark-eliminating, fat-reducing, nose-changing surgery is completely, totally necessary but really, you couldn’t donate more than ten percent, Kim?


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