‘X Factor’ Upset: Khaya Cohen Went Home Too Soon

Do you think Khaya deserved to be eliminated? Drop a comment with your thoughts on last night’s shocking results.

Another pair of acts were sent home on The X Factor‘s Nov. 21 episode, and while one seemed like a no brainer — sorry, Tim Olstad, but Carlito Olivero clearly won that sing-off — the other ousting left viewers stunned. I’m talking about Khaya Cohen, the little lady with the big voice who was booted from the competition way before her time.

I’m not saying Khaya deserved to win the entire competition, but there are several acts I’d have dropped before sending her home — starting with Restless Road. Every time those boys two-step their way onto the stage, my eyes go immediately into roll-back mode. They’re like a cowboy-themed Abercrombie & Fitch photo shoot that won’t die.

Anyway, back to Khaya: The only bright spot of her elimination
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