Banshee season 2 trailer and poster

Trailer Louisa Mellor 22 Nov 2013 - 08:50

Alan Ball's Banshee is returning for another season of sex, violence, and moral murkiness. Here's the trailer to prove it...

Banshee, as you'll know if you read our season one reviews, made an impressive debut last year, and all signs point towards its momentum continuing into the second run, which begins on Cinemax in the Us on the 10th of January.

It's a story of stolen identity, ex-cons, family vendettas and the criminal underworld, set against the backdrop of a small rural town and tied up in a stylish and - it has to be said - violent package. If you missed the first season, there's time to catch up on its ten-episode first run between now and the debut.

Here's a season two trailer and poster to whet your appetite:

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