Gift Guide: Blood Dripping Bracelet

  • FEARnet
There are two different types of jewelry; the pieces that you wear to make yourself feel good and the ones you wear to make a statement to others.  While the former types are typically elegant but bland, the latter are anything but.  They're unique, bold, and most importantly, attention-grabbing.  I don't think you need me to tell you which category this bracelet belongs in.

The 'Out For Blood Bracelet' is fashioned from solid brass and coated with thick glossy enamel, a morbid piece of jewelry that's sure to make people do a double take, and ask you if you're okay.  I'm fine, you'll tell them, as blood drips from your wrist and flows down your hand.  Because you're cool like that.

Approximately $32 from That's Pretty - matching necklace and ring also available!
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