Tom Cruise Still Trying to Get Jack Nicholson to Join 'El Presidente'

We haven't heard anything about the action thriller El Presidente since 2010 when Tom Cruise was attached to the project and the actor was trying to get the likes of Jack Nicholson and even Robert Downey Jr. involved in the project with Jay Roach (Game Change, The Campaign) directing. Now Cruise is back with a vengeance trying to get the film off the ground at Warner Bros. again, and this time he has his Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman at the helm, and the two are making a last ditch effort to get Nicholson involved in the project which would mark their first big screen reunion since A Few Good Men back in 1992. For those who don't know, the story follows a dedicated Secret Service agent (Cruise) assigned to protect a bumbling and degenerate ex-president (Nicholson) with apparently hilarious, yet quite dangerous, results. The unlikely duo would find themselves on
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