DC Comics Characters That Should Have Their Own TV Show

CW’s Arrow has shown that DC Comics characters can work on the small screen. This season has gotten positive attention from both fans and critics and continues to build its world and introduce more characters and concepts from the comics. As well as Arrow, DC Entertainment has announced that there are Jim Gordon, John Constantine, and Hourman shows in development at Fox, NBC, and CW respectively. The first two characters are relatively popular, especially Jim Gordon, who was portrayed by Oscar-nominated actor Gary Oldman in the Dark Knight trilogy, but who outside die-hard Justice Society fans knows who Hourman is? In this articles, the Sound on Sight writers will show what DC characters and comics series should have their own series instead of Hourman and whatever his superpowers are.

Deathstroke by Lol Craven I’m not going to lie and say I’m nominating Deathstroke because I’m a long term fan,
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