Joe Dante Set To Return To Horror Comedy With ‘Burying The Ex’ Starring Anton Yelchin & Ashley Greene

One gets the impression that a dozen intriguingly bizarre films are always swirling around the mind of director Joe Dante, and it is a displeasure to see that the most recent work from him happened back in 2009 with “The Hole." Since then, a ‘60s-set biopic about Roger Corman and the ghost story “Casting The Runes” with Simon Pegg have been bandied about as potential next projects, but now some financing has come through for another, and it contains the kind twisted comedy and horror elements that you’d expect from the “Gremlins” helmer. The Wrap reports that Voltage Pictures has agreed to finance and produce “Burying The Ex," a new horror comedy written by Alan Trezza and set to star actor Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene (“The Twilight Saga”), Alexandra Daddario (“Percy Jackson”) and Oliver Cooper (“Project X”). The film follows a young man, Max (Yelchin), as he moves in with
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