Nfdc Film Bazaar 2013: White Sun by Deepak Rauniyar

Nfdc Film Bazaar 2013: White Sun by Deepak Rauniyar
W hite Sun is one of the twenty-three films selected for the co- production market of Film Bazaar 2013.

Deepak Rauniyar

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White Sun is a dark comedy about life in a Nepali village in the wake of the decade-long conflict that ended in 2006. Little Pooja lives with her mother Durga and grandfather Chitra in a remote mountain village. She has never met her father, Agni, who joined the Maoist guerrillas and left their village years ago to fight the government. The devastating war is over, and Agni’s rebel Maoist party now heads the government.

Agni returns to the village for the first time in 10 years for Chitra’s funeral. Pooja watches her father and mother readjust to each other’s presence and her father fight with the family’s closest friend, Suraj – who fought on the government side during the war. When Suraj leaves, Agni cannot find
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