What I Loved and Hated About The Premiere of Almost Human

A lot of you watched the premiere of Almost Human last night. Who wouldn't want to see J.J. Abrams launch another TV series given his track record of Lost and the cult hit Fringe? I eagerly watched and, for the most part, enjoyed the show. I will definitely be tuning in tonight for the second part of the premiere. The following is a list of what I loved and hated in the opening hour of Almost Human.

What I Loved...

Karl Urban and Michael Ealy - You gotta love Karl Urban for being Karl F****** Urban. The opening sequence had my buddy and I screaming "I Am The Law" with every take down, headshot, and explosion. No, he's not the emotionless Dredd we've seen before, but the action hero is still there. The brooding, anger, and never say die attitude though was what I expected, and I was not disappointed.
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