HeyUGuys Gift Guide: The Ten Best Movie Books to buy this Christmas

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In among the hundreds of movie books published throughout the year we keep you abreast of the best new releases with Ian Gilchrist’s Reel Ink columns but as we approach Christmas we’re rounding up the best of the year’s books, guaranteed to make the movie fan in your life very happy come Christmas morning.

There are books relating to specific films, with a plethora of contemporary accounts, interviews and photos as well as analysis with the benefit of hindsight. There are a number of books dedicated to directors and their process, their inspirations as well as some intriguing peeks into their creative warehouses.

We’ll be looking at the best boxsets, movie-related clothing as well as the strangest movie items to buy this year, so keep an eye out for those on HeyUGuys in the coming weeks.

For now here are our favourite film books released this year,
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