The Best (and Worst) “Daily Show” Correspondents

After a decade and a half of continuous adulation and an awards haul that would nearly put Walt Disney to shame (Jon Stewart should now have all his Emmys melded into a pointy throne), it seems somewhat repetitive to go into detail praising The Daily Show’s groundbreaking wit, insight, and irreverence. Yes, The Daily Show is great. Also, Kathy Griffin has had a bit of work done, and Lady Gaga wears silly clothes sometimes. We got it. (Maybe Lady Gaga could wear the Jon Stewart Emmy throne as a fascinator. Ideas!)

Still, The Daily Show remains the funniest, most entertaining show to grace our televisions four nights a week, upwards of several weeks a year. For as much as Jon Stewart deservedly receives the credit for this, much also hinges on the talent of his team of correspondents. Whether they are off doing field pieces interviewing the country’s
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