Weinstein Co. Wins ‘Philomena’ Ratings Appeal

Weinstein Co. Wins ‘Philomena’ Ratings Appeal
The Weinstein Company has won its appeal on the MPAA’s initial decision to give “Philomena” an R rating, which will be changed to PG-13.

TWC had argued that the MPAA’s ratings rule — that more than one “harsher, sexually derived word” used as an expletive automatically garners a film an R rating — was inappropriately applied in this case and that based on its subject matter and context, the film should be granted a more family-friendly PG-13.

TWC posting a teaser video last week starring Judi Dench’s M character from the James Bond films trying to get the MPAA to change the rating, then unveiled a full video Tuesday with Dench commanding co-star Steve Coogan to go to Los Angeles and “have a word” with the MPAA.

In the video, Coogan asks if while he’s in Hollywood, he should kill Adam Sandler. “Why Adam Sandler?” asks Dench. “Have
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