Film Review: ‘It’s Me, It’s Me’

“We’re multiplying,” says Hitoshi Nagano, a put-upon camera salesman in a giant Tokyo electronics store, and one of the many protagonists in Japanese writer-director Satoshi Miki’s “Its Me, “It’s Me.” Having played a modest run ($1.9 million) at the local box office this spring, this surreal black comedy about the ambiguity of identity opens in limited U.S. release this weekend.

Weirdness is set in motion when Nagano (played by JPop and television idol Kazuya Kamenashi) steals an identity. Before long, he begins encountering duplicates of himself all over Tokyo. Apparently some power or other (never specified) has stolen his identity in an all-too-literal sense, and is making copies of it. But what does ID even mean when everybody is identical? “Are you me or am I you?” Nagano asks one of the copies. Neither of them knows the answer.

Nagano stumbles into this infinite regression loop when
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