Tom Hiddleston: 18 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About the Man Behind Loki

Since 2011, Tom Hiddleston has portrayed the legendary supervillain, Loki, three times -- and no one is complaining.

Not only has Hiddleston made the villain his own, but he has also officially cemented Loki in the realm of elite comic book-turned-movie characters. Come this Friday, Hiddleston can again be seen as Loki in "Thor 2: The Dark World."

The second installment of the "Thor" franchise has the hammer-wielding god enlisting the services of his adopted brother-slash-enemy in order to save the Nine Realms from Malekith the Accursed -- a supervillain too powerful for Thor to fight on his own.

While you've seen Hiddleston don the Loki costume (and maybe transform himself into F. Scott Fitzgerald in "Midnight in Paris"), there is still much to know about this rising star. From his favorite superhero to his fears, here are 18 things you probably don't know about Tom Hiddleston.

1. Before his star-turn as Loki,
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