Heads Keep Rolling in Hollywood

From the time the first movie studios were founded, Wall Street has viewed the entertainment business somewhat like the Tea Party views Washington: Spending is too high, ambitions are too grandiose.

That’s why investors see the continuing wave of executive changes in Hollywood as propitious, while Hollywood sees corporate turbulence as disruptive and counterproductive.

The body count lately has been especially high among production and marketing chiefs: Adam Fogelson and James Schamus at Universal, Marc Weinstock at Sony, Jeff Robinov at Warners, Tom Rothman at Fox, Terry Curtin at Relativity, Oren Aviv and Tony Sella at Fox, Eric Kessler at HBO, among others. The TV seas, too, have been stormy.

Here’s the anomaly: All of these executives arguably were doing a damn good job. Fogelson’s most recent slate at Universal was successful. Schamus was a defining force at Focus in the culture and commerce of cinema. Further,
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