RoboCop Reboot Teases Its Upcoming Second Trailer

It.s officially time for us to accept the fact that the RoboCop reboot is happening. A full trailer is expected to air on Entertainment Tonight, and the program teased a teaser for their exclusive teaser . because that.s how film journalism rolls in the year 2013. Honestly, the teaser doesn.t look terrible. I didn.t even cringe too badly when they changed "good cop/bad cop" to "good cop/RoboCop." At least it.s Michael K. Williams delivering the line. In fact, the cast of director Jose Padilha.s remake has me tentatively hopeful that the movie will be watchable (even though the fresh horrors of Len Wiseman.s Total Recall reboot are fresh in my mind). Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman are on board as the film.s primary baddies. The Killing co-star Joel Kinnaman will step into the metallic armor. And the movie explores
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